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Laugh with Jerry Lewis

Posted by rsachi on September 17, 2009

This morning they had Jerry Lewis on Channel 7 TV. He is the famous old comedian from US on a tour here. He was asked to tell a joke.

“I am feeling the itch to go to New York and soak up the life there. I go and get on the subway (metro). And I see a tall, lanky young man. He has a beaky nose with a big ring on it. He is wearing a chain from his ear to round his neck. He has his hair waved up nearly 12 inches, dyed in bright green and orange.

As I stare at him, he asks me, ‘what. Old man, haven’t you done anything different in your time?’

I reply. ‘well, I did. 20 years ago I had sex with a parrot. And I think you’re my son!!!’ “


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