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Einstein a Tambra!?!

Posted by rsachi on February 23, 2009

Einstein playing raga Keeravani on the violin ( see photo)

Serfoji II with Jewish scholar (see photo)
Early Jews in India ( see photo)

Could it be that Albert Einstein was perhaps a Tamil Brahmin?

Almost everyone knows that Albert Einstein was the greatest scientist in human history, and Einstein has revolutionized human thought about such a wide variety of subjects from physics to metaphysics that mankind will always be beholden to him.

Einstein is known to have been a German Jew who escaped to the United States of America during the beginnings of Nazism and in fact worked in the team at Princeton who made the A-Bomb.

Einstein is also known to have been a great patron of classical music and literature. He was a man of many great intellectual accomplishments and every nation would be proud to have such a son.

But a closely guarded secret is that Einstein was descended from Tamil Brahmins and spoke chaste Tamil in his early childhood. In fact he mentioned this to Sir C.V.Raman when they met ( around 1922) but later compelled him to expunge this from his memoirs as this was an inconvenient family secret.

The factoid is that a Ezekiel Malekar was an advisor in the court of Raja Serfoji II. Many people know that Jews arrived in India way back- around 2000 years ago and settled around Cochin area and in fact had an active presence in and around the temple town of Parur. Jews have always been brilliant scholars and learnt Sanskrit very fast from Namboodari Brahmins. After many centuries, Vidwan Ezekiel was in Tanjore and as was the custom had two wives, one Jew and one Hindu. The Hindu lady was well versed in music and literature and her name was perhaps Subbarami or Subhadra.

It is conjectured that Ezekiel’s son migrated in his youth to Portugal with traveling traders. His daughter was Pauline Koch, Einstein’s mother. Pauline was fluent in Tamil and could sing Carnatic music.

In fact Einstein’s favourite raga was Keeravani as it is quite close to the western scale of
Harmonic minor scale.

I must tell you that this conclusion is based on several interesting pieces of information from references cited below. Perhaps Einstein was maybe really a Tamil Brahmin by descent?


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