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The Red Balloon

Posted by rsachi on November 2, 2009

I chanced to see this very simple and imaginative short film. It was made in Paris in 1956 in an area rather bleak in appearance which highlights the contrast of a bright red balloon.
The story is a fantasy of a young boy chancing upon a red helium balloon with a mind of its own. The balloon wants to be with him all the time and he has a great deal of fun taking it to play and school. The balloon has intelligence and feelings too… I saw it fall in love with another blue balloon!
In the end some bullies chase, torment and finally kill the balloon. Thereupon all the balloons of Paris converge to cheer up the boy and in fact take him on an aerial trip!
The movie-maker Albert Lamorisse has kindled our imagination with an insight into how we actually subliminally relate to a universally attractive plaything like a balloon. He won an Oscar for screen play.. and there are VERY few words spoken in the entire film. Shows you how a picture is worth a….
You can find more about the film here. Better still, you can watch a You tube clip here.

One Response to “The Red Balloon”

  1. Narayan said

    Another "balloon Boy" was a raging sensation in the US for a couple weeks that went upto getting a slot in the prestigius 'Larry King Live'.

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