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Ten do’s for enjoying Carnatic music

Posted by rsachi on October 18, 2009

I have listed here the ten things I have learnt over time that will make me enjoy Carnatic music more deeply and lingeringly:

  1. Be on time for the concert.
  2. Buy a ticket.
  3. Respect each artiste- every moment of music is a gift- fresh and enjoyable.
  4. Listen. Don”t sing along.
  5. Keep your knowledge to yourself. Don’t try to impress others.
  6. If you do put tala, be discreet and correct.
  7. Listen totally. No chat, paper or mag.
  8. No toilet break.
  9. Applaud if you enjoy. It is a good exercise.
  10. Go home and savour the lyric later. It is a good after-taste.

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