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Posted by rsachi on September 19, 2009

(courtesy: Internet)

Of course! Shiva is the mahayogi. Kundalini is the fire. Through the union of praana and kundalini shakti, or as the samyoga of the two, he will ascend the seven chakras or saptaswaras. And connect with Omkara.
So the veena is also a metaphor. But all said and done, Thyagaraja is the quintessential musician, with nadayoga and bhaktiyoga, blessed as he is by a direct vision of Narada, the mahavainika and mahabhakta!
Truly interesting thoughts, albeit not original I’m sure.

(folks, I am unhappy that I am not following the Kyoto convention while writing Indian terms, but then it will also look a bit odd to read as if it is a procession of camels….like mOkshamu galadA- sAramati-tyAgarAja and so on. So please forgive fact forgive me in general for this blog which is quite a violent intrusion into your space!)


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