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Mokshamu galada

Posted by rsachi on September 19, 2009

Mokshamu galada
This highly evocative song has been rendered by the Madras String Quartet (Mr. Narasimhan) in a different style. It has been rendered meditatively, with western concepts of harmony. I must admit I have my own reservations about this kind of fusion as it seems to lose the evocative spontaneity of Carnatic music.
The link to their presentation on YouTube is here:
Now this song has some interesting words. If you click here, you will go to a very nice article in another blog posted by Mr. Govindan:
Let me give you my interpretation.
Thyagaraja says that Shiva, who plays the veena, is the living embodiment of Jnana and Bhakti. By knowing his nature, those who are able to combine the appreciation of true music with real devotion (=surrender) will be able to liberate themselves while embodied, and only they will get true liberation or moksha. Thyagaraja is making a vital point. There is no liberation unless you get liberated while living in your body. What is the way? Through music!
Why music? Because it emerges from the source of Omkaara by the combination of Praana (life breath) and Anala ( the fire of life or body metabolism). The body is the medium for making music by sourcing the original Omkaara. To make music, you need your life breath and also the effort of making music using your bodily energy, and by staying connected  with Omkaara. ( There is another piece in this blog, the Sound Unheard).
Once we do this, we are able to understand the essence of music and also develop true devotion to the ultimate. Then we become Shiva, who is in that eternal blissful state, playing on the veena!
I found a photo on the Internet of a beautiful sculpture of Shiva playing the veena. See how blissful he is!
Jai Ho to our great Indian culture which has Shiva, veena, Omkaara, Thyagaraja, sculpture, and KVN!
KVN’s 1967 Music Academy rendering of this song is playable by clicking the link on the left panel.

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